• Velozza STX

    Velozza STXUltra High Performance All Season

    • Designed for street-tuned SUV's, full-size pickups and performance sedans
    • Features popular 20-26 inch W & V-Rated plus-size fitments
    • Extra load construction for the increased load requirements of larger vehicles
    • Wheel flange guard to protect rims from curb damage & scuffing
    • M & S rated for year-round performance capability
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  • Mirada CrossTour SLX

    Mirada CrossTour SLXPremium Touring CUV - SUV

    • Five circumferential grooves to resist hydroplaning
    • Interlocking center ribs for crisp handling and even wear
    • Notched support ribs for exceptional steering response
    • Advanced silica tread for wet traction and long tread wear
    • Optimized tread design with wave-like sections for a quiet ride and impressive traction
    • Free replacement first 50% of treadwear for workmanship and materials
    • Free roadside assistance warranty
    • 70,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
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  • Wild Trac Tour LHT

    Wild Trac Tour LHTPremium Highway SUV - LT

    • Advanced "Driver Focused" Engineering Provides A Quiet And Comfortable Ride
    • Modern All Season Design Combines A Sylish Appearance With Confident Performance In Challenging Conditions
    • Strategically Placed Traction Elements Enhance Handling And Control In Wet Weather
    • W & M - Free Replacement 1st 50% Treadwear
    • 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
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  • Wild Spirit Sport HXT

    Wild Spirit Sport HXTHighway All Season SUV

    • T, H and V Rated For Today's Late Model Fitments
    • Closed Shoulder Design For Noise Reduction And A Comfortable Ride
    • Solid Center Rib For Enhanced Handling Stability
    • Zigzag Shoulder Siping To Enhance Wet And Snow Traction
    • Extra-Wide Circumferential Grooves Help Resist Hydroplanig
    • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
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  • Trailcutter HLT

    Trailcutter HLTHighway All Season LT

    • 5-Rib All Season Tread Design For Excellent Traction
    • Alternating Shoulder Slots For Improved Wear And All Season Performance
    • Four Circumferential Grooves For Improved Traction
    • Large Shoulder Elements To Promote Long Even Wear
    • Center Rib For Good Steering Response
    • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
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  • Hi-Fly HT601

    Hi-Fly HT601Highway All Season SUV - LT

    • M & S Rated For All Season Performance
    • 4 Circumferential Grooves Deliver Excellent Performance On Wet Roads
    • Variable Pitch Tread Design For A Comfortable Quiet Ride
    • Silica Technology And High Density Sipes Deliver Smooth Ride, Reduced Noise And Improved Wet And Dry Traction
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  • Creation LT

    Creation LTCommercial Highway LT

    • Solid Multi-Siped Center Rib Provides Stability And Traction
    • Wide Circumferential Grooves Enhance Water Evacuation
    • Jointless Nylon Band Improves Tread Stiffness And Uniformity
    • Economy Priced For Outstanding Value
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  • Wild Spirit Sport H/T

    Wild Spirit Sport H/TPremium Highway All Season SUV - LT

    • Premium touring tire designed for todays sport utility and crossover vehicles
    • Computer-generated, all-season tread design for all-weather performance
    • Wide circumferential grooves for excellent on-road comfort and responsiveness
    • Slotted shoulder and lateral slots provide exceptional wet, dry and snow traction
    • Solid center rib for improved steering response
    • 65,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (Metric Only)
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  • Wild Trac LTR Max

    Wild Trac LTR MaxMaximum All Terrain SUV - LT

    • 44 Popular Metric and LT Sizes For Maximum Coverage
    • Optimized Construction For Maximum Performance
    • Strategically Placed Tread & Shoulder Elements For Maximum Traction
    • Optimized Tread Footprint For Enhanced Handling And Worn Appearance
    • 50,000 Mile/48 Month Mileage Warranty
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  • Wild Trac Radial X/RS

    Wild Trac Radial X/RSAll Position - All Terrain - SUV

    • Five Rib All Season Design Provides Excellent Traction
    • Lateral Grooves And Slots Provide Improved Wet Weather Tractiion
    • Center Rib For Good Steering Response And Long Even Highway Wear
    • Rigid Lower Sidewall Enhances Handling And Stability
    • Alternating Tread Elements For A Quieter Ride
    • 40,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (Metric Sizes Only)
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  • Wild Trac XRS Plus

    Wild Trac XRS PlusAll Position - All Terrain - SUV - LT

    • Enhanced All Season Traction And Durability
    • Strategically Placed Siping And Channeling For Maximum On And Off Road Performance
    • Staggered Center Rib For Excellent Steering Response And Long Even Highway Wear
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  • Trail Guide AP

    Trail Guide APAll Position - All Terrain SUV - LT

    • All-terrain tread design for dependable traction
    • Wide circumferential grooves for improved wet traction
    • Variable pitch sequence for a quieter ride
    • Center rib for long even highway wear
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  • Hi-Fly AT601

    Hi-Fly AT601Value All Terrain

    • Specially Designed Tread Compound And Wide Footprint For Extended Tread Life And Superior Braking Power
    • Block Tread Design With Multiple Siping Patterns For Outstanding Off Road Traction
    • Open Shoulder Grooves And Cross Tread Channeling For Excellent Water Evacuation
    • Steel Belted Construction And Jointless Nylon Wrap Overlay For Enhanced Tread Durability
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  • Trailcutter RTX

    Trailcutter RTXCommercial Traction

    • Aggressive Design for Superior Year Round On and Off Road Traction
    • Cut & Chip Resistant Compound for Rugged Durability
    • Silica Compounding Enhances Wet Traction Capability
    • Full Width Nylon Overwrap for Increased Load Carrying Capacity
    • Heavy Duty Sidewall Resists Punctures
    • Deep 18/32nds Tread for Long Lasting Performance
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  • Trailcutter RT

    Trailcutter RTCommercial Traction

    • Deep Tread Provides Outstanding On Or Off-Road Traction
    • Extensive Size Line-Up For The Light Truck Market
    • Tread Compound That Perform In An All Seasons And On All Surfaces
    • Outer Tread Blocks Are Pinned For Studs Allowing For Greater Ice And Snow Traction
    • Premium Casing Designed To Offer Extra Load Carrying Capacity
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  • MudClaw Radial M/T

    MudClaw Radial M/TPremium Mud Traction

    • Self Cleaning Interlocking Tread Lugs For Outstanding Traction In Mud And Soft Soil
    • Alternating Lug Dimensions For Increased Lateral Stability And Bi-Directional Traction
    • Staggered Shoulder Blocks For Enhanced Off-Road Grip
    • Pinned For Studs For Improved Winter Traction
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